About us

We’re a team of software engineers, that share a passion for IPTV – and want to share our knowledge with you

About us

Our job is to provide you with the best IPTV provider whilst teaching you what to look out for!

It all started for fun, we were setting up an IPTV server (company) and like you, learning what VOD, EPG, M3U, and all the abbreviations mean, which player to use and what not – when we decided to create this website to share what we know and made it into a hobby.

We’re currently in our thirties and work for one of the top companies in London as senior software engineers and engineering managers – have a few kids and are pretty keen on food!

We understand that not everyone is as technical as we are, but we want to bring that knowledge to the iptv guide, so you can learn from our experience.

Feel free to reach out to us on hello@theiptvguide.com

Our Vision

Build an IPTV knowledge base, free for all!

Our Mission

Be home to everything IPTV!

The team together at a meeting

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